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18/19/20 June
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Covid-19 Safety
Your Safety at Heart

Your safety is our absolute priority! We are following the government guidelines 100 per cent.

Unlocked was always designed to allow lots of space per person with increased numbers of toilets and showers to make for an improved festival experience.

Our new Socially Distanced format will mean that there’s plenty of space to move around easily with the capacity to keep everything as clean as possible. The new layout will not take away from the festival vibe.

We’ll have plenty of access points and vendors onsite to minimise queuing.

Our CONTACTLESS system means all transactions are ‘no-contact’ using our innovative RFID system for both access to site and buying food, drinks, merchandise etc.

We will ensure that all our vendors follow strict COVID-safe procedures and adhere to strict cleaning schedules.

There will be hand-sanitising stations throughout the site.

All toilet facilities have running water for handwashing and will be cleaned regularly.

Our campsites will be spaced out for your comfort and safety and have their own with shower facilities with an increased cleaning regime.

Your Safety at Heart