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17/18/19 June
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The sounds of Dario G’s summer classic "Sunchyme",  soccer anthems "Carnaval de Paris" and "Ring Of Fire", The Beach soundtrack "Voices", and his very latest collaboration "We Got Music" with Dame Shirley Bassey, will fill our Big Top next June.

More than 20 years since he shot to fame - melody, passion and vibe are top of Dario G's list.

He’ll be delivering his powerful and energetic solo DJ set at Unlocked. We’re already looking forward to dancing along, in the sunshine (okay so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for that bit), drink held high...

Synonymous with great dance tracks, he combines an ability to write and capture unique and timeless spine-tingling musical masterpieces, Dario G is one of the finest DJ and performers around. His set will include his own iconic hits tied together to many more of a similar status.
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